Thank you so much for today Michael and Melanie with the course. You’d be sooooooo proud of me……. I was talking some pictures of Alexander decorating the tree using the shutter priority, the pic was too dark so increased the ISO, worked perfectly. Then went to Aperture to do some depth pics & shutter speed was really slow, so again played with the stops & ISO & got some good pictures!!! I learnt something YAY Thanks to you & Melanie, great teachers xx


Excellent. I have enjoyed 2 lessons with Michael already and am proud of what I have learned and achieved. I really look forward to going out and taking photos with the understanding of what I am doing and how I can make adjustments to my camera to get a great shot. It’s great having a teacher with knowledge and the ability to explain technical information in such an easy to understand way.


Last Sunday my sister Sandy and I had the absolute pleasure to be taught amazing photography techniques and how to really use our cameras from the amazing Michael Coppola. This man is truly amazing, humble and wow what a teacher!!!

If anyone is even remotely thinking they want to learn more about photography, please, trust me and contact Michael. I can’t wait until the next session hopefully early Dec!

Michael – just a massive thank you – I’d forgotten how much I love photography


What are your thoughts?

Teaching you how to get the best out of your camera