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Free Photography Tips

Photograph something that you are passionate about, as your passion for the subject will show in your images.

Setting yourself a photographic challenge like a photo a day (for a week, month, year or longer) will make you see things in a different perspective.

When holding your camera, use both hands and support the weight of the lens in your left hand as your right hand should be just clicking the shutter button.

Don’t delete a picture off the back your camera when your looking at the cameras little screen, it’s always best to upload it to a computer as you may miss something on the small screen.

When you have taken the images off the camera’s media card, format the card in the camera, it’s the quickest way and it keeps your cards healthy.

When you turn your camera to get a tall long shot (portrait), make sure you left hand is not in front of the flash.

Panning is a skill that you can learn over time, need to remember to follow through its just lots of practice.

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Experiment with HDR and other techniques as it broadens your abilities, and will test your skillset.

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